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What a Year it Has Been!

Like most people, we start the year with a list of goals to hit, a budget to maintain, and a sense of renewed optimism and excitement for the next 365 days. Who knew that 2020 would be so eventful (to say the least). It is with no doubt that this year came with much challenges and has affected all of us in one way or another.  It was unchartered territory for many with challenges that we have not built contingency plan around. On the upside of things, it really put a halt on perspective and allowed us to re-evaluate our lives and how we do business. This was also the year where we have received more projects than the usual because everyone is spending more time at home. We have had to work twice as hard to be more innovative to provide better services while sticking to social distance regulations. We certainly re-evaluated how we do business with our existing and new clients, and utilizing technology as functional tool and resource to engage and interact with our clients. As we wrap up this year, what started out as long, dreary and almost impossible to cross the finish line, or like the Rhino in our illustration…just making it to the other side, we are glad to say, we made it. May 2021 be a year for more prosperity, renewed hopes and great health!

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